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Efficacy of a vibrating dental syringe attachment on pain levels

Murray et al (Queens University Belfast 2006); Study using 400 subjects to test the effectiveness of Vibraject in reducing the discomfort of intra-oral injections. Discomfort more than halved when Vibraject used.
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VibraJect® Dental syringe gate-theory vibrator

Needle Phobia Information Centre report 2009; 'The Vibraject system does what it says it does… The NPIC would like to see this become the standard of care in dental offices'.
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VibraJect vs. the Wand for the control of injection pain

Vibraject vs. the Wand Quarnstrom et al. 2005. No statistically significant differentce found between the effectiveness of the two systems.
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A Relatively "Painless" Way to Avoid Pain

Andrew, S. N.; Comparison of Vibraject, the Wand and Quicksleeper systems
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ITL Dental Product Profile: Dynamite Comes in Small Packages

Perkins; Review of Vibraject in Dentaltown Magazine.
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What’s the Buzz?

Question: What’s the buzz about anesthesia?
Answer: VibraJect.
It has been quite a while since the days of “Painless Parker,” and dental anesthesia has come a long way in being a more comfortable procedure. Key to that advancement has been the use of a vibrational device attached to the anesthetic syringe.
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What a difference 3° makes

Joseph Blaes, DDS

VibraJect® from ITL Dental. If you saw this product on the exhibit floor at a meeting, you probably would walk right by and not even give it a second look. In the case of VibraJect, that would be a mistake.
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