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VibraJect® Dental syringe gate-theory vibrator

Needle Phobia Information Centre report 2009; 'The Vibraject system does what it says it does… The NPIC would like to see this become the standard of care in dental offices'.

Review by the Needle Phobia Information Centre (15/08/2009)

Description: The VibraJect device is a very interesting implementation of the Gate Theory - it reduces pain from dreaded dental injections by vibration. It is a miniature vibrator that snaps onto a dental syringe. The intense vibration overwhelms the patient's nerves and therefore 'distracts' the brain from perceiving the lower-intensity signals coming from pain nerves. The patient feels vibration rather than pain.

The VibraJect system is not a substitute for dental local anesthesia injections. Rather, it helps the patient tolerate anesthetic injections. Many needle phobes will tell you that they fear the pain of dental injections more than dental procedure pain. The VibraJect system was developed to solve this dilemma.

The VibraJect system consists of the vibrator, a set of rechargeable batteries, a battery charger and printed instructions.

Review: the first thing you notice when you turn on the VibraJect is just how intense a vibration that this tiny little device can generate. WOW! Its immediately easy to see how it works. The manufacturer claims (backed up by clinical studies) that the device offers more pain blocking than dermal anesthetic paste which is the current standard-of-care.

When we first tried it we ran into our first problem - the dentist said that his technique is so good that such a device is simply not necessary. Overcoming such professional arrogance is a big challenge facing the manufacturer of this product.

"I insist" said the Keith Lamb, the NPIC director. Mr. Lamb is admittedly hyperalgesic (unusual pain sensitive) so it was difficult to overcome the perception of the needle pain. Still, the manufacturer's claim that it is as good anesthesia paste seems to hold true. The super-intense vibration of the needle in one's gum is a bit hard to get used to. The last thing patients want to feel is someone moving the needle around...that is, except pain.

The VibraJect system does what it says it does. Given how fearful we all are of dental injection pain, give us topical paste AND VibraJect AND very very slow technique. Bring it on, Dr. Dentist, we want it all.

Cost and Availability: the VibraJect system is marketed toward dentists, not patients. Therefore it suffers from the most common problem that needle phobes face when it comes to anesthesia - availability. You can't simply buy one from a pharmacy or over the internet. If you want this treatment, you will need to ask your dentist. If enough patients ask (demand?) it, perhaps it will become a standard treatment.

To the VibraJect manufacturer - we'd like to see a way that a patient can buy this (from your web site?) and carry it with him to the dentist office, preferably without a prescription but even a prescription requirement is acceptable to us. The patient can then tell the dentist that they must use this device. Just knowing that the patient can control this feared aspect of the dental visit can bring them a great sense of relief even fore the needles come out.

Summary: The VibraJect system is a quick and effective non-drug topical dental anesthesia device that requires virtually no training.

The NPIC would like to see this become a standard-of-care in dental offices.
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