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What a difference 3° makes

Joseph Blaes, DDS

VibraJect® from ITL Dental. If you saw this product on the exhibit floor at a meeting, you probably would walk right by and not even give it a second look. In the case of VibraJect, that would be a mistake.

vibrajectAccording to the manufacturer, the VibraJect removes pain from injections based on the Gate Control Theory. A battery-operated motor is attached to a conventional syringe, causing the needle to vibrate. This high vibration stimulates the nerve endings and blocks the transmission of pain sensations to the brain. Sounds like a lot of hype, right? Wrong! It really works.

We all have two classes of patients:
1Those with a high pain threshold who do not fear injections.
2 Those with a low pain threshold who do fear injections.

This device will have no effect on the first category of patients, but your "category two" patients who fear injections will love you for using the VibraJect. It is great for children. In fact, I now use it on all of my patients. After the injection, many of them ask when I am going to give them the "shot," not realizing I already have. Give it a try; you will be amazed!

Reproduced from ‘Dental Economics’ Dec 2002
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