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When I’m giving shots to patients with a Vibraject strapped onto my syringe barrel, I feel very confident. This gadget is no gimmick. It blocks the pain impulse at the spinal cord via the Pain Gate Theory.

The Vibraject is in the Scott Perkins, DDS efficiency toolbox

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The longer I practice, the more value I place on minimizing my stress. Honestly, I am not so worried about whether patients feel pain. I am much more concerned about myself than the patients. Well, not really, but when the patients flinch, I flinch. If they sense pain, they will whine, moan, hyperventilate, stiffen and make me miserable. Having to tolerate some whiney patient act squirrelly just because I lit up their world by accidentally hitting an exposed root with some topical, and then having to listen to them choke and gag and carry on just because they got a little bit of a bad taste in their mouth is just more than I want to put up with. It’s like sticking myself instead of them! Plus, I know if patients feel pain, they are less likely to come back and/or refer other patients to me for dental treatment. I love to make money. The more money I make, the better I feel. When I’m the first dentist able to give a phobic patient a painless shot, they blab about it to anyone willing to listen. That has a distinctive impact on my bottom line. Therefore, in order to make my life easier, I prefer to deliver painless dentistry using the Vibraject.

Efficacy has a lot to do with bringing my stress level down. I work only as hard as I have to in order to achieve the result I want. The time it takes to wait on an assistant to find a bottle of topical, a cotton tip applicator, hand it to me, and wait for the darn stuff to take enough effect (so the patient doesn’t think I’m rushing things) gives me the heebie-jeebies. Who has time for that?! I’ve got ants in my pants! I’m ADD! We’re burning daylight! Just slap the darn Vibraject onto the syringe and let’s get on with some work! Unscrewing bottles of topical, slopping it all over patients’ mouths, having to suction and trying to hold on to a slippery-slimy lip can be a lot of work. The Vibraject makes topical obsolete. It has infinitely more efficiency.

Nothing in dentistry, that I can remember, has proved quite as entertaining as the patient comments I hear after they take a shot with a Vibraject. When I give a painless shot, patients look up and tell me I’m the best dentist in the world. I feel like puffing out my chest and strutting around the office like a proud rooster.

I speak of Extreme Efficiencies; not only does the Vibraject make the cut; pound for pound, it packs more efficiency value than any dental product I’ve ever seen.

Reproduced from ‘Dentaltown Magazine’
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