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VibraJect vs. the Wand for the control of injection pain

Vibraject vs. the Wand Quarnstrom et al. 2005. No statistically significant differentce found between the effectiveness of the two systems.


A VibraJect device was compared to a computer controlled injection device to control pain for injection of local anesthesia. This study was performed in a general dental practice. Nineteen injections were done with the Wand handpiece of the CompuDent ™ system by Milestone and seventeen with the VibraJect by VibraJect LLC. Twenty-four were maxillary infiltrations twelve were mandibular blocks. Patients reported the level of pain for the needle piercing their tissue, the injection of solution, and their overall evaluation of the injection. No difference was seen for piercing the tissue, injecting the solution or overall report of pain.

Two different techniques were used to control the pain of local anesthetic injections. No difference could be shown between the two. When the practitioner compared the two different techniques, the Wand is a lightweight probe attached to a computer controlled injection device by a thin plastic tube that carries the solution to the wand. A foot pedal controls the device. It takes a few injections to get accustomed to the foot pedal. This device allows two speeds of injection only the slow speed was used. It is also possible to aspirate by taking your foot off the foot peddle. The VibraJect was clipped to the syringe body and requires little if any change from the normal injection technique. The body of the vibrator should be oriented so it does not rest on the patient's teeth.
This study tends to indicate there is little difference in the pain perceived by a dental patient when injected using the Vibraject as opposed to injecting with the wand.

by Fred Quarnstrom, D.D.S. F. A. S. D. A., F. I. C. D., F. A. G. D. Diplomate, American Board of Dental Anesthesiology Diplomate, National Board of Dental Anesthesiology Sun Hee Bang-Pastore, D.D.S. Ruth Woldemicael, D.M.D. David Chen, D.D.S.
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